Full report: Mobile Technology in Emergencies Report

Mobile technology is changing the way the world works and Save the Children is committed to harnessing the transformative potential of mobile. Save the Children commissioned Jigsaw Consult to undertake a research project on this important issue.

"Technology—particularly mobile technology—has dramatically changed the landscape of the world we live in. To have the greatest impact on children’s lives we need to embrace these innovations and harness their transformative potential."  - Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive, Save the Children – from the foreword to the report

We are well aware that using mobile phones does not inevitably bring benefit to the most marginalised. The report recognises that realising the potentially transformative benefits of mobile technology requires significant changes in the way humanitarian organisations approach emergency response.

Our research focused on six countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Niger, Pakistan and Somalia. We combined interviews, focus groups, a comprehensive literature review and strategic guidance regarding potential routes forward. The report highlighted three strategic issues that must be addressed in order to realise the potential of mobile phones in emergency response: increasing accountability, building preparedness and prioritising collaboration.  Making progress with each of these issues is dependent on a shared commitment from INGOs, MNOs and governments.

Following the report launch, we held a workshop at Save the Children's offices. Our team presented the research findings to a packed room and then we enjoyed an hour of feedback, discussion and ideas sharing. This is a vital, complicated issue that the international development community is grappling with.

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