KRIK and Christian Sports Contact (CHRISC) initiated the Uwezo Sports for Social Inclusion project in 2012. This was a three-year project operating in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, with the aim of promoting youth leadership through sports and volunteering, engaging young people and helping to prepare them for their roles in work, family life, community building and civil society.

KRIK asked Jigsaw Consult to deliver a final external evaluation of the Uwezo project's relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability, to measure progress against project objectives and to evaluate the need for an evaluation of the project. The evaluation also represented an opportunity to generate knowledge about good practice in the area of youth leadership development and volunteerism.

The methodology and research tools were designed through an iterative process, utilising rigorous, participatory methods and incorporating the experience of CHRISC staff in all locations.

There were three distinct phases to the methodology. First, a desk-based background review was conducted by the research team. Then, a team of in-country volunteers conducted a survey in all three countries with training and guidance from CHRISC and Jigsaw, in order to maximise the breadth of quantitative data that could be collected in country. Finally, a researcher from Jigsaw visited each of the three locations, conducting 78 interviews with CHRISC staff, partner organisation staff, beneficiaries, volunteers and wider stakeholders.

The findings were analysed and a report produced, evaluating the project in line with OECD-DAC criteria and offering a range of recommendations. KRIK has since contracted Jigsaw Consult to engage in their organisational development and to help them implement the receommendations in the report.