Read the final Connect4Change report here.

The appropriate use of ICT has the potential to enhance many aspects of learning in developing countries. However, designing and implementing interventions in a way that makes this likely to occur is a significant challenge. Indeed, many initiatives have failed.

The Jigsaw team worked alongside the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) to provide an impact and learning study assessing the contribution that ICT can make to education in African schools.  This three-year study formed part of the multi-partner Connect 4 Change initiative working across 11 countries. Jigsaw's main focus was on the development of two evaluative case studies in Ghana and Zambia. Throughout the evaluations, the research team recorded programme-specific issues but also reflected on the broader implications and lessons that contributed to a ‘road map for impact’—a guide for decision makers of all types in considering how to use ICT in education in low-resource environments.

We believe that the use of ICT in education is more effective when a culture of monitoring, evaluation and learning is adopted at the outset and built into the very fabric of programmes. We enjoyed working with IICD to produce a range of resources to benefit the programmes and to contribute to the sector more broadly.